Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keeping The Interest Alive..............

It has been long since I have posted something at this place but the world does not seem to be bothering too much. Anyway, without bothering too much about what exactly bothers the world, I just move on in desperation to write something...........

I have been following Pakistan's tour of England very closely and this implies a few things.

1.  I have nothing much to do these days.
2. Orkut scraps had died long back, eve(n) profile visits have stopped now.
3. India vs Sri Lanka test series is almost killing my interest in the game.

So coming back to Pakistan and its cricket, a few modifications in the rules of the game, essentially aimed
at the survival of Test Cricket in Pakistan :

1. Pak fielders donot have to catch the ball before it bounces on the ground. They can allow the
    ball to bounce once before catching to effect the dismissal of the batsman concerned.

2. The above rule applies to all the fielders except Kamran Akmal. ICC is not convinced about his
     ability to catch the ball on the first bounce. Hence the amendment for Kamran Akmal states that
     it is enough for Kamran Akmal to touch the ball with his gloves before the ball bounces twice, to
    effect the dismissal.

3. Its not mandatory for Pak batsmen to run between the wickets or clear the ropes to get some runs.
    Every ball they middle/edge/touch with the bat would give them a bonus run.

4. A Pak batsman must be dismissed twice to be sent to the pavilion. The first time he is genuinely dismissed,
    it will be referred to STEVE BUCKNOR, who is expected/supposed/assumed  to contradict it.
    ( This rule is Pak's version of UDRS. )

5.  Pakistan team is supposed to name a trump player every match, who would be retiring after that match.
     The score made by trump player would be doubled before adding it to the team score.

6. Once retired, a Pak player cannot represent Pakistan for the next 3 tests. This rule has been fomulated
    to avoid confusion vis-a-vis who retired when.

   After announcing the rules to the press, ICC Chief remarked :

  " I understand that these rules are not sufficient to ensure Pakistan beat Bangladesh. However I believe
  the only two brains in Pakistan, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram, would teach the players to utilise them
  efficiently to reduce the margins of defeats. Because at the end the day,  CRICKET has to win. "

  P.S. :
  More importantly, the Pak players need to understand that retiring from the game is not the 
  same as tiring on the field, and coming out of retirement is not akin to coming out of the
  dressing room.  Mr Imran and Mr.Wasim should educate their fellow countrymen regarding 
  the nuances of tiring and re-tiring , going-in and coming-out of retirements.



  1. very nicely written
    i totally agree with you :)

    P.S is the highlight rightly said
    the margin of the defeat tht matters
    well said vikky

  2. what wu'd u rate more, achievements or character.
    I believe most of the times its ur character.

    In that aspect, I wu'd count current PAK team lesser to Bang's

  3. ya... but these days even their achievements are on par with that of Bangladesh