Monday, January 17, 2011

For the heck of It.... finally I get the time to be in this space again ! I am in a new job , at a new place and amongst new people.
The last post was about a new year resolution, and it took great resolve on my part to actually post that here. And two weeks into the new year, my resolution is not just broken....but thrashed to pieces. When you decide to skip a meal so that you can stay longer in your are not living an enviable life.
But then resolutions are not meant to be broken..they are supposed to be worked upon....and we have 365 days to do so. Anyway, living a good life being on your own is not easy.

For starters, I stay alone in a too-spacious-for-a-bachelor house. And the land lord seems to have lost his sleep, unable to find out the reasons for my "living-status" after months of thread bare analyses. My solitude has come at the cost of someone's sanity !

Is he single ?? If he is single, why is he staying alone ? he actually staying alone ??

The advanced cheques of a lakh rupees that I gave him are not making him feel any better. Not that it matters to me....even though he said ( seconds after after receiving the cheques ) that I was like his son. Costliest parents in the world !!

And it is not just the landlords who are perturbed. My servant maid keeps explaining me the financial benefits of having a room-mate. Her case studies can put IIMs to shame I tell you.

P.S: Pretty evident that I really dont have much to write,  other than the resolve to do so, and its all a part of the Grand New Year Resolution of mine. Blogging for the heck of it.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

WELCOME 2011.............

Wishing all the readers ( ?? )  a happy and prosperous new year... may all you guys be blessed with all the good things in life.... I for myself have resolved to be a better person and live a better simple :P