Monday, April 20, 2009

IPL again..........

Half way into the IPL 2 and we still donot know who will make it to the semis and who will not.
Yes. The optimist in me says KKR still has an outside chance if Sourav is handed over the captaincy and the coach confined to his hotel room. I take this blog as an opportunity to step out of the gloom that SRK has gifted to his die-hard fans by nodding to "multiple" mindless decisions taken by John Buchanan. My thoughts on the consequences for the loosing teams:

SRK sacks Buchanan and company. Rani Mukherji is appointed as the coach and Kajol will be the Manager, hoping that the chemistry extends on to the cricket field as well. Katrina Kaif becomes the Manager of the team (sensible move given how well she has been managing Salman Khan).

Kingfisher shuts down its airways. And the players have been assured of lucrative posts in the soon-to-be-launched Kingfisher AUTOS.

Sachin Tendulkar says, " I am not enjoying the captaincy ". Raj Thackeray accuses the North Indian players (Harbhajan Singh, Shikhar Dhawan) for the loss.

A sense of relief would prevail among all the viewers as Shilpa Shetty will no longer be giving her
thirty-two-teeth-visible smile. The lady has been the worst thing to have hapened to the IPL.
From her ugly smile to her fractured ( actually doctored) nose, and the worst part...
her discussing the pitch with Mandira Bedi. For someone who has been glued to cricket since 10 years of age , ( and I believe there are atleast 90 crores like "someone"), that was inhuman.
Anyway, I trust the long leg(s) of the lady would do no good to the team and we will soon be spared.

Yuvraj would virtually kick all the players and Sreeshanth will have enough reasons to cry. Karan Johar is hoping that Preity Zinta gives him (Sreeshanth I mean...) company. He can use the footage in his upcoming films. By the way, the actress has already given three expressions in the IPL and the Bollywod directors are completely mesmerized by the never-seen-before versatility of her facial muscles.

Karunanidhi has a REAL reason now to go on fast (not that anybody cares).

Narendra Modi blames the UPA government for the loss. Advani calls SEHWAG a "weak captain".

P.S: DECCAN CHARGERS is missing and that is only because I want them to win . It should not be perceived as "lack of sufficient creativity" :P


  1. MI di highlight..finishing touch baga ichav..

  2. Ditto.
    The ending lines are real good... BTW nice one..
    Looking forward for more (and different :p) posts

  3. For anyone who doubts your creativity .. your next post is a straight answer!

    You seem to be making use of all your 'major project creativity skills' here.. Wish I had some... both then.. and now!!!

  4. Thank u both.

    My major project was as creative as my next post :p